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Making theory fun…

Quote: Making Theory Fun

 I often get doubting faces when I say that we make SETA accredited training fun. But, we do!

How? We weave the Unit Standard into the workshops that we WANT to create. Not the other way around. We don’t just ‘slap it in’, or drudgingly follow the Specific Outcomes like a military manoeuvre.

If we did, covering ‘the history of leadership’ as part of our Inspirational Leadership module would be… well… less than inspirational!

My process? I take a ‘mental pair of scissors’ and create a storyboard of content that’s relevant, and has context.

Then it’s time for music.

Theory & Creativity

Why music? The rhythm of a workshop – interactive exercises, reflection, and our non-negotiable fun – is key to our success. I often have songs on repeat – OCD repeat – while I’m creating.

And yes, I do sing along – badly.

Once the flow of the workshop hits the right note (apologies for the pun!), it’s time to start writing the course materials. I’m a firm believer in comprehensive notes, so everyone can fully engage rather than scribbling. Plus, they’re a long-lasting resource.

Today I’m listening to the new ABBA single ‘Just a Notion’ – ‘ridiculously happy’, and the harmonies are fab!

So, what workshop will be in the key of C at 132 bpm? Any guesses?

ABBA Just A Notion
Steve signature

Clue: The vocals were originally recorded way back in 1978 as part of the sessions for Voulez-Vous, but left unfinished on cutting room floor. 43 years later – oh boy! That what I call [insert workshop topic].

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