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Emotional and Social Intelligence…

Emotional and Social Intelligence

Nowadays IQ is considered to be a threshold competency in the workplace; you must have a certain level of cognitive ability to perform in a role, but intellectual intelligence alone will not result in elevated professional success.

What’s needed is Emotional and Social Intelligence (ESI): the difference between good and great; the ability to recognise and understand emotions in yourself and others; your ability to use that awareness to manage your behaviour and relationships.

Without it, you can have a high IQ, a top class education, an incisive, analytical mind, an endless supply of smart ideas… but you won’t make a great leader… of self OR others.

Self-awareness is the entry point to effective leadership. It is only by understanding ourselves that we can fully understand what our impact is on others.

Daniel Goleman

In each of these four domains, there are competencies that separate an average leader from a great one. These 12 competencies form the building blocks of ESI. Each of the competencies is

Unlike IQ, Emotional and Social Intelligence is a skill. Each competency can be learned and improved on over time. ESI is also not defined by a single number – each of the competencies is considered separately.

Do you know someone with great goal orientation, but zero empathy, for example?

We’ve taken the Goleman/Boyatzis ESI framework and developed a unique, 4-colour Insights Discovery model to build capability – and confidence – across each of the 12 competencies. 

ESI and Insights Discovery

In other words, “Emotional Intelligence is the habitual practice of using thinking about feelings and feelings about thinking to guide behaviour.”

Building our skills in ESI needs a blend of all for colour energies. This enables us to develop across each of the 4 domains, by setting a solid foundation for the growth and development of Emotional and Social Intelligence.

So from ‘Flip and Stick’ – now on our virtual, interactive flip charts! – to ‘Your Soundtrack’, we explore and develop Self-Awareness into Self Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management.

All based on Insights Discovery… and part of of our SETA Accredited programmes!

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