Growth through people

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At the moment, we’re still virtual first. We can achieve more group work, more fun, and a better learning experience than a socially distanced in-person workshop… our feedback scores are fantastic. 

But, wherever possible, it’s great to have at least one mask‑to‑mask mini workshop. Standing on the Insights mat at least once really brings the learning into 3D.

So, we’ve built a ‘What the Duck at Distance!’ workshop, where everyone can experience one of our favourite workshop activities – one that we can’t do virtually – together with an appropriate section of content for whatever programme we are running. 

Virtually is working so well that we’ll be running blended solutions once all restrictions are over.

But remember, this is ‘the new now!’ – not the ‘new normal’… and, we’ve great plans for new ‘stuff’ for the ‘new tomorrow’!

Tomorrow is another day.

Keep safe…

Virtual Workshop
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