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Brand-Specific Leadership for Capfin

After only 3 months of development – thanks to our unique YourBrand™ framework – we launched Leading The Capfin Way in August 2018. A bespoke leadership development programme that’s based on the Capfin brand. It’s not generic. It’s Brand-Specific.

To coincide with a brand refresh – purpose, vision, values, strategic pillars, and common goal – we created a programme to take all leaders – from team leader to EXCO – through a Journey of Brand-Specific leadership development.

With a 96% post-workshops satisfaction score, and exceptional feedback, we’re continuing LTCW this year through Coaching, Mentoring, and Emotional & Social Awareness modules.

As an Accredited Golemen/Boyatzis ESCI practitioner, LTCW this year includes an introduction to Emotional & Social Intelligence, with a key focus on the ESI competencies of Connecting Without Conflict, Engaging With Change… and Communication with Impact & Influence (if we can fit it all this year!).

Every module of the programme is powered by Insights Discovery, the world-leading L&D programme that just works!

Using Insights Discovery across all the modules of YourBrand™ gives consistency of learning – so essential to delivering results.

Plus, the integration between workshops and workshop materials also completes the loop for different learning styles. A 96% satisfaction score says it all?

Leading the Capfin Way also includes a personalised Leadership Toolkit – to continue the philosophy of Brand-Specific leadership – especially commissioned for programme.

So, every module of LTCW has a set of ‘tools’ – from team activities to personal reflection – to continue and embed the learning after each workshop.

Capfin have been an amazing brand to work with. Their commitment to skills development. and the growth of their people is amazing – plus they evolved their Values-based leadership approach to our unique Brand-Specific programme: recognising the difference that a brand approach can achieve.

The perfect choice for the launch of a programme designed to grow both brand… and people.

Steve AndrewsA World First!

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