Taking The Lead On Stress


As business pressure increases, remaining calm, composed and in control becomes an increasingly important skill.

Everyone experiences stress differently. What stresses one person will not trouble another. Similarly, what helps you de-stress will be different to someone else.

What is important is moving from reacting to stress, as reaction has no control, to managing stress – being in control of how you respond.

Our behaviour is situational and greatly influenced by pressure and stress. As we move from comfort through to panic, we can relate stress-related behavioural changes to our cognitive preferences.

So, TAKING THE LEAD ON STRESS takes a personal approach, using insights from the Insights Discovery Personal Profile to manage stress more effectively.

Key Outcomes

  • Understanding your reaction to stress
  • Managing rather than reacting to stress
  • Remaining composed whilst remaining authentic
  • Taking steps to de-stress
  • Builds resilience to the negative aspects of stress
  • Creates an action plan to improve the areas identified for self-improvement

SETA Accredited Course

TAKING THE LEAD ON STRESS can be delivered on its own as a half-day non-accredited workshop, or seamlessly integrated into any of our SETA Accredited courses – that’s the flexibility of our YourBrand™ Framework.

As stress management is one of the key outcomes of Unit Standard 252031: Apply the principles and concepts of emotional intelligence to the management of self and others, it’s automatically included in our emotional and social intelligence course.

Steve AndrewsTaking The Lead On Stress