Recruiting Talent


Recruitment is a costly investment for any business. It’s also high risk. The cost of a bad hire is not just time and money, it also negatively affects team morale and organisational culture.

Yet despite this high cost and high risk, companies rarely provide their managers with training in how to recruit new staff!

Without due consideration of all the factors and legal requirements involved in the recruitment and selection process, managers often hire based on how well a candidate presents themselves, or on gut instinct. This can often lead to later regrets.

RECRUITING TALENT takes a holistic, team-based approach to the effective recruitment and onboarding of new staff.

Key Outcomes

  • Reviews best-practice recruitment outcomes in relation to candidate, manager and employer
  • Defines the selection procedure according to organisational and legal requirements
  • Builds competency in reviewing, evaluating and compiling clear and motivating job descriptions
  • Enables efficient and effective screening and short-listing of suitable candidates
  • Develops interview questioning and answering techniques based around organisational competency framework
  • Facilitates the management of unplanned events in accordance with company poliices
  • Enables recruitment that can be justified in terms of best match between candidate, available position and both organisational and legislative requirements
  • Builds confidence and competence in providing feedback to both successful and unsuccessful candidates
  • Defines the information and records that should be maintained according to company policies and legislative requirements

SETA Accredited Course

RECRUITING TALENT is available as a standard workshop or a SETA Accredited course, aligned to Unit Standard 12140: Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions.


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