Performance Management


There’s no avoiding the fact that most employees find their company’s approach to performance management onerous and unfair. And, in turn, most organisations find their process of performance management to be onerous and ineffective.

Our PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT workshop takes a people-centric approach to performance management, shown to be the most effective methodology for improving performance, both at an individual and corporate level.1

It’s designed to help managers develop their skills in developing their direct reports, combining the power of recognising strengths with coaching and regular feedback, to build the performance capabilities across their team.

Effectiveness of performance management is considerably improved in companies that have a culture of collaboration and coaching where employee development is part of the philosophy of the brand.16

Key Outcomes

  • Focuses development of enhancing strengths and coaching to mitigate weaknesses across the team
  • Evaluates the psychology of individual motivation and the impact that has on the needs of the team
  • Enables the establishment of performance goals though the cascade approach
  • Delivers an action plan aligned to goals to develop team performance, at a group and individual level
  • Reviews approach of compensation discussions and performance discussions to achieve the optimum benefit
  • Defines the power of regular feedback, 360 feedback and review touchpoints

SETA Accredited Course

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT is available as a standard workshop or a SETA Accredited course, aligned to Unit Standard 252034: Monitor and evaluate team members against performance standards.


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