Developing Your Leadership Brand


Our signature workshop, DEVELOPING YOUR LEADERSHIP BRAND, continues the journey of self-awareness through understanding – and clearly defining – personal purpose, vision, mission, values, strengths, opportunities for development etc.

It extends the traditional approach of Values Based Leadership and values alignment – as your brand is much more than just a set of values – to Brand-Specific Leadership, and the connection of employee’s personal leadership brands and the corporate brand.1,2

By connecting your two most important assets – your brand and your people:

  • Everyone understands how their unique talents and abilities deliver results
  • Employee-brand engagement builds ambassadors for the brand3-5
  • Everyone is clear what your corporate brand STANDS FOR and what makes it STAND OUT from the competition

…after all, if your employees don’t know your brand promise, they certainly won’t be able to deliver to it!

Key Outcomes

  • Defines WHO we are, HOW we interact with others and WHY we do what we do
  • Builds authenticity and authentic self-leadership
  • Creates a clear definition of personal brand identity, distinctiveness and the value of contribution
  • Introduces the Insights Discovery Leadership Effectiveness model
  • Reviews personal leadership style against organisational brand profile
  • Develops an action plan for self-development
  • Builds self-confidence, personal effectiveness and team performance
  • Defines and builds the leadership competencies that deliver results
  • Creates a distinct leadership culture that’s aligned to your brand and business strategy
  • Drives customer-focussed employee behaviour
  • Builds brand ambassadors through employee-brand engagement
  • Creates a customer-centric culture built around the organisational brand

SETA Accredited Course

DEVELOPING YOUR LEADERSHIP BRAND is available as a standard workshop or a SETA Accredited course, aligned to Unit Standard 120300: Analyse leadership and related theories in a work context.


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Steve AndrewsDeveloping Your Leadership Brand