Communicating With Impact


Effective communication is consistently rated as one of the most imporant business skills. Whether it’s communicating one-to-one, by email, at a meeting, though a presentation or a report, the delivery of the message is key to how it’s perceived by the receiver.

The essence of good communication is always to match the style and method of delivery to suit the needs of the chosen, or target, audience.

Our preferred communications style, both for transmitting (speaking and writing) and receiving (listening and reading), is a function of our cognitive type, our personal style.

COMMUNICATING WITH IMPACT uses insights from the Effective Communication sections of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile, to understand – and expand – communication style and effectiveness over a variety of media.

The course can also be delivered with an enhanced influencing skills component – using the Effective Selling Chapter of the Insights Personal Profile – to understand how our unique style can be used to influence others.

Key Outcomes

  • Builds an understanding of the communication process, the barriers to effective communication and the importance of the use of language and different media
  • Extends the Insights adaptation, connection and rapport approach
  • Develops active/empathic listening skills
  • Enables the use of feedback to deepen the understanding of communication
  • Introduces the Insights Simply Connect communications model and the G-FIVE guided communications process
  • Develops a strategy for effective meetings and team interactions
  • Analyses the importance of effective communication for enhanced collaboration
  • Evaluates the structure of reports and presentations by target audience to ensure improved receptivity
  • Builds presentation skills and confidence
  • Introduces the S.T.A.R technique for concise and effective information delivery
  • Can be delivered with an enhanced influencing skills component based on our Selling Ideas Insights methodology, the psychology of influence and framing the conversation

SETA Accredited Course

COMMUNICATING WITH IMPACT is available as a standard workshop or a SETA Accredited course, aligned to 12433: Use communication techniques effectively.


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