Celebrate Diversity


By design, Insights Discovery celebrates the difference between individuals and provides a common language for discussing those differences.

CELEBRATE DIVERSITY builds on the Insights Discovery methodology to include all components of diversity, going beyond differences in personality, extending the principles of perception to evaluate cultural biases and stereotypes and their influence on dealing with diversity.

It helps participants understand the significance of difference, the value that diversity brings and how to relate to each other more respectfully as a result.

Key Outcomes

  • Evaluates diversity in terms of difference – backgrounds, culture, beliefs, values, race, age, sex, sexual preference, language and education
  • Explores diversity as a potential source of discrimination
  • Examines the implications of diversity and relationships; internally and externally
  • Explores ways of utilising diversity within teams to improve relationships and productivity
  • Builds awareness of common beliefs, values, interests and attitudes
  • Encourages expression of diverse viewpoints
  • Creates awareness of discrimination and discriminatory practices and the appropriate action to take
  • Evaluates conflict and disagreements as a result of difference and how to use positive conflict for team growth and development

SETA Accredited Course

CELEBRATE DIVERSITY is available as a standard workshop or a SETA Accredited course, aligned to Unit Standard 252043: Manage a diverse work force to add value.

Steve AndrewsCelebrate Diversity