Insightful Skills

The power of Insights Discovery combined with the essential skills for leadership and business performance

Develop With Insight

At the heart of  YourBrand™ is Insights Discovery, a powerful preference-based learning system that’s based on over 100 years of psychological research

Insights Discovery drives self-awareness, enhanced communication, inter-personal effectiveness, teamwork and leadership capability.

We’ve combined the power of the Insights Discovery system with the best of the latest thinking in the skills critical to leadership performance – all personalised to the context of your business – and delivered with the simplicity, effectiveness and practical delivery that Insights Discovery is famous for.

Return on Self-Awareness

YourBrand™ is built on self-awareness, essential for success at every level of every organisation:

  • Self-awareness is the first step in the development of emotional intelligence (EQ)1
  • Above an IQ of 120, EQ becomes the more important predictor of successful leaders1
  • The levels of EQ among team members and the team leader are strong predictors of team performance2,3
  • There’s a positive correlation between both IQ and EQ and the results of a team, but EQ is a significantly stronger predictor4
  • High team self-awareness drives high performance through reduced conflict, better quality decision-making, and greater co-ordination across the team5

Essential Skills

Insights Discovery is not a personality profile – it’s an insight into WHO we are and HOW we think, feel, do and reflect.

The Insights Discovery Personal Profile reviews Jung’s preferences across our behavior (personality and personal style), decision making, communication, motivation, learning processes… in fact more or less everything we do.

We then combine that insight with all the skills essential for business success. Whether it’s a course on relationship building, communication skills, the power of influence, building teams, leading others, thinking differently… everything we do has insights as a foundation, driving self-awareness to enable self-development.

Plus, we make the experience personal.  YourBrand™ is the only brand-specific leadership development programme in SA that’s powered by Insights Discovery.

Every advance, every conceptual achievement of mankind has been connected with an advance in self‑awareness.

Dr Carl G Jung

Continuity Of Learning

Traditionally, creating a highly personalised leadership development programme would be expensive, either in terms of the internal resources required to build the programme, or the fees of an external consultancy.

However YourBrand™ provides a highly personalised, contextual programme with no development cost.

YourBrand™ is also designed to drive performance:

  • Unique brand-specific framework to align development with your brand and strategic objectives
  • Over 20 modules based on the skills critical to personal, team and leadership performance
  • Powered by Insights Discovery, proven to drive organisational performance

And, as a SETA accredited training provider, the opportunity to claim additional rebates, for a PIVOTAL skills programme, could further reduce your cost of implementation and increase your ROI.

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