The brand-specific leadership development programme with built-in ROI


Leadership is continually ranked in the top two challenges facing organisations, both globally and locally; strong leadership skills are critical to business success.

However, most leadership development programmes lack the context required to deliver to business expectations. Generic training results in generic leadership!1-4

YourBrand™ adds context to content in a unique way, personalising every module to YOUR brand, industry, business structure AND individual teams.

And, unlike other leadership development programmes, its not just the presentation slides that are customised. All our professionally designed course notes are personalised too!

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Your brand differentiates you from the competition. But what about your leaders?

A brand-specific approach to leadership development:

  • Creates a distinct leadership culture that’s aligned to your brand and business strategy5
  • Defines and builds the leadership competencies that deliver results5
  • Drives employee engagement through brand connection, building ambassadors for the brand6-8

YourBrand™ also extends the traditional approach of Values Based Leadership and values alignment – as your brand is more than just values – to enable the connection of employees’ personal leadership brands and the corporate brand, to drive employee-brand engagement.1,2

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Focusing on leadership as an organisational capability, rather than just the development of individual leaders, builds your leadership pipeline – your next generation of leaders. Your leadership bench.

Organisations that invest in transformational leadership development across their business have been shown to be 2.4x more likely to be successful in achieving their objectives.9

They’re also creating a pipeline of future leaders, delivering on employee engagement, retaining/attracting talent, driving team effectiveness, cross-team cooperation and integration, driving increased productivity… and profitability.

Investing in leadership drives financial return.

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At the heart of our YourBrand™ framework is Insights Discovery – a powerful preference-based learning system that’s based on over 100 years of psychological research – to drive self-awareness, enhanced communication, inter-personal effectiveness, teamwork, and leadership capability.

We’ve combined the power of the Insights Discovery system with the best of the latest thinking in the skills critical to leadership performance, including:

  • Leading change
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Critical and creative problem solving
  • Performance management
  • Employee engagement
  • … and more

All personalised to the context of your business and delivered with the simplicity, effectiveness, and practical delivery that Insights Discovery is famous for.

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Deliver Your Skills Plan

As a SETA accredited training provider, YourBrand™ has been specially designed to be delivered straight – as standard workshops – or with credits towards a formal qualification.

This means that you can not only claim 100% of your spend with us towards the Skills Development portion of your BEE scorecard, you can also apply for discretionary and PIVOTAL grants for any credit‑bearing programme we develop for you!

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Traditionally, creating a highly personalised leadership development programme would be expensive, either in terms of the internal resources required to build the programme, or the fees of an external consultancy.

However – as well as driving financial performance – YourBrand™ is also designed to increase your return on investment by providing a highly personalised, contextual programme with no development cost.

YourBrand™ has built in R.O.I!

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With over 20 modules, YourBrand™ is the ideal development programme for individuals, teams, business units… your whole organisation.

  • Everyone receives a binder to house their course notes and Insights Discovery Personal Profile – keeps everything neatly together and provides easy reference after the workshops
  • Course work and refection exercises are included to accommodate all learning styles and provide easy reference post-workshop
  • Modular framework enables complete flexibility in implementation – modules can be combined according to seniority of employee, team, business unit and/or strategic need
  • Modules can also be delivered as standalone training as part of an employee’s Personal Development Plan – your complete solution to employee development

And, we’ll work with your brand essence to personalise the name of the programme.

It’s your brand after all!

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