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Team Effectiveness

Good teamwork is about relationships, with every team member understanding their role and contribution to the group, and feeling valued for the part they play in helping the team succeed.

Our Team Effectiveness Programme helps everyone gain a unique insight into who they are and who their team members are. When relationships are respectful, valuing and positive, the sky’s the limit!

We use the Insights 4 Pillars of Team Effectiveness to identify the most pressing and important issues for your team’s development, diagnose problems, spot opportunities and develop action plans to increase team performance.


Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

Michael Jordan
  • Uses a simple, fun, and memorable model to help individual and group understanding
  • Builds engagement and effective team communication
  • Develops a shared commitment and clarity on what the team has to do to achieve the results required
  • Enables the team to quickly understand their strengths and challenges
  • Creates a positive, non-threatening environment for discussing differences, challenges and resolving conflict
  • Reinforces the message that everyone has a role to play in achieving team objectives
  • Enables participants to take immediate individual and team action

Programme Overview

  • Your Team?
  • Insights Discovery Colour Energies
  • Strengths Within the Team
  • Team Dynamics
  • Your Value to the Team
  • Adapting & Connecting Within the 8-Types
  • Communication Within the Team
  • Team Effectiveness Model
  • Your Ideal Environment
  • Team Culture & Values
  • Team Commitments
  • G-WAVE Action Planning

Unlock team performance

A natural follow on from Insights Discovery Personal Effectiveness, delivered in a full to half day format. Options also include follow-up coaching and modular short focus sessions which can be scheduled during team meetings.

Integrating Teams

Insights Discovery Team Effectiveness is extended to Inter-team Effectiveness in our exclusive YourBrand™ leadership development programme.

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