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The Insights Discovery Personal Profile is a powerful personal development tool which gives individuals an engaging, reinforcing, and transformational insight into themselves and others.

Celebrating the uniqueness of each person, the profile illustrates how recognising and valuing difference can empower individuals, teams, leaders and the whole organisation.

Each profile includes the Foundation Chapter and can be customised with additional chapters to support ongoing learning and development.

Foundation Chapter

The Foundation Chapter is included with all profiles and introduces you to your personal style, how you relate to others, and how you make decisions.


  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Value to the Team
  • Effective Communication
  • Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Possible Blind Spots
  • Opposite Type
  • Suggestions for Development
  • Colour Dynamics and Insights Wheel

Management Chapter

The Management Chapter is an essential component of all profiles to be used within a leadership, team or leadership development programme.

It enables managers to consider their own management style, as well as the needs of those they manage.


  • Managing
  • Motivating
  • Management Style
  • Creating the Ideal Environment

Effective Selling Chapter

Selling = Influencing, therefore a great addition for any teams involved with influencing others.

For sales teams it can easily be tailored to your in‑house sales model.


  • Selling Style
  • Before the Sale Begins
  • Identifying Needs
  • Proposing
  • Handling Buying Resistance
  • Gaining Commitment
  • Follow-up and Follow Through
  • Sales Preference Indicators

Personal Achievement Chapter

This chapter leads you from an initial understanding of your self towards an exploration of how you can grow and improve in specific areas such as time management, creativity, and goal setting. It’s the ideal complement to a one-to-one coaching programme


  • Living on Purpose
  • Life and Time Management
  • Personal Creativity
  • Learning Styles


To receive the profile, you complete the 25-frame Insights Discovery Preference Evaluator. Unlike other profiling tools, the evaluator measures different degrees of preference.

For each frame there are four word pairs. You choose a ‘most like me’, a ‘least like me’ and then score the remaining two options in between. It’s a composite ipsative-likert evaluation (a combination of forced- and scaled‐choice), allowing greater expression of individual preference.

The output is a highly customised, 20+ page personal profile.

In fact… it’s as unique as you are.


Our exclusive YourBrand™ leadership development programme is powered by Insights Discovery.

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