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Personal Effectiveness

Discovering Personal Effectiveness is an engaging, interactive, and fun introduction to Insights Discovery and the Insights Discovery Personal Profile.

Though the simple, universal language of colour, participants gain a new language and framework for understanding themselves and others.

Using insights from their Personal Profile, the workshop enables everyone to understand their unique personal style, the impact they have on others, how to identify other types of personalities, and develop techniques to adapt and connect to the communication needs of others.

The workshop concludes with a focus on practical application, through the G-WAVE model, to promote a culture of proactive personal development.


  • Builds self-awareness through a unique insight into our behaviour and personal style
  • Enables delegates to immediately improve their interpersonal relationships
  • Creates a positive, common language to discuss personality and preference
  • Reduces misunderstandings and conflict through increased understanding of others
  • Enables more effective communication
  • Reduces negative interpersonal dynamics that can stifle organisational performance
  • Improves effectiveness though understanding of strengths, blind spots and areas for development
  • Interactive and participative approach to accommodate all learning styles
  • Practical, easy to remember, and delivers immediate and lasting results

Programme Overview

  • The Power of Perception
  • The Insights Colour Energies
  • Jung’s Preferences
  • The Insights Discovery 8-Types
  • The 72 Sub-Types
  • Insights Discovery Personal Profile
  • Recognising Others’ Styles
  • Adapting and Connecting Techniques
  • G-WAVE Action Planning

Beginning the journey

Typically run as a one day workshop, each session is tailored to your specific team and business objectives.


Insights Discovery Personal Effectiveness forms the foundation of the first module in our exclusive YourBrand™ leadership development programme.

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