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Leadership Effectiveness

Great leaders inspire. They motivate not only the people they manage, but also their peers, their own leaders and the entire organisation.

Leadership is about mastering more than a set of management skills. Leaders need to create a compelling vision, deliver results, and maximise the effectiveness of their team through shared goals and values.

Discovering Leadership Effectiveness is the next step on the Insights journey for managers and leaders to improve their understanding of themselves, and how their psychological preferences affect their performance, their effectiveness, and their ability to inspire and motivate their team members.

Through the Insights 4 Manifestations of Leadership, we explore each participant’s unique preferences and challenges as a leader, to help them become the best leader they can be.


  • Participants gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for their own preferences and how they impact their leadership style on their ‘good and bad’ days
  • Provides a simple framework for development and performance based conversations with each employee
  • Enables leaders to improve their communication, interpersonal skills and relationships immediately
  • Develops an understanding of how to adapt their style to motivate the different individuals in their team
  • Develops authentic leaders who inspire and empower their team to excel
  • Easy to understand, remember and apply

Programme Overview

  • What Makes an Effective Leader
  • Traits of Great Leaders
  • The Four Colour Energies in Leadership
  • The Flip Side of Leadership
  • The 4 Manifestations of Leadership
  • Motivating and Influencing the 8-Types
  • Adapting your Leadership Approach
  • Insights through Your Personal Profile
  • G-WAVE Action Planning


A natural follow on from Insights Discovery Personal Effectiveness and Team Effectiveness delivered as a one day workshop. Options also include follow-up coaching and modular short focus sessions.

Build Brand Leadership

YourBrand™ is our exclusive, brand-specific leadership development programme, specially designed to add brand and business context to leadership development.

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