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Insights Discovery Full Circle

Insights Discovery Full Circle is the next step on the journey of self‐awareness, extending how we understand ourselves to how other people perceive us. It brings 360° feedback to life in an engaging and positive way.

A feedback group of your peers, managers and/or customers are invited to complete a shorter, 10-frame Insights Discovery Evaluator, with the option to add their comments. Feedback can be named or anonymous, although we always recommend that is named.

The result is a profile that combines self-perception with the perceptions of others, using the Insights Discovery System as a framework to compare and contrast perspectives.

It provides a fresh, rich insight into our personal style and the impact we have on others.


  • Takes individuals to a new level of self-understanding
  • Enables the exploration of strengths and development areas and the impact they might have on relationships
  • A non-threatening and positive framework for discussing personal and team development
  • Can be used in one-to-one and team environments
  • Inspires instant action to improve relationships with key stakeholders
  • Creates an action plan for development

Programme Overview

  • Refreshing Insights
  • Colourful Connections
  • Giving & Receiving Insightful Feedback
  • Flip Perceptions
  • Insights Discovery Full Circle Profile
  • Feedback from Around the Wheel
  • Finding My Truth
  • G-WAVE Action Planning

Continuing the journey

The Discovery Full Circle experience can either be delivered through a one-day workshop or  one-to-one coaching.

The Complete Picture

Discovery Full Circle is the ideal complement to PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT, one of the modules in YourBrand™, our exclusive leadership development programme.
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