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Insights Discovery

At the heart of everything we do is Insights Discovery, a powerful preference-based psychometric programme, with its roots firmly in the work of Swiss psychologist Dr Carl G Jung.

Insights brings over 100 years of research to life as a simple, accessible, practical, and incredibly effective four colour model.

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Everyone is unique, and so is their Insights Discovery Personal Profile.

It’s an engaging, reinforcing, and transformational personal development tool; designed to empower individuals, teams, and leaders throughout your organisation.

You’ll be amazed at how uncannily accurate it is!

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Insights Discovery is more than just a personality assessment, it’s a complete system of personal, team, and leadership development.

The team and leadership models continue the four colour approach, providing a common framework for development across your organisation.

Personal Effectiveness Team Effectiveness Leadership Effectiveness

Understand your impact

Insights Discovery Full Circle combines self-perception with how others perceive us, providing a fresh, rich insight into our personal style and the impact we have on others.

It brings 360° feedback to life in an engaging and positive way.

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Built to Deliver

Everything we do will be tailored to your unique requirements.

We’ll partner with you to understand your challenges and your key areas of focus, in order to recommend a sound, effective, and rewarding people development programme that inspires performance.


Our exclusive YourBrand™ leadership development programme is powered by Insights Discovery.

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